How it all started

Growing up in a Vietnamese food culture, I was raised to appreciate and cook with only the freshest ingredients using traditional techniques & no short cuts.

My family often returned home to Vietnam during our summer breaks. On the rickety bus we would travel between the north and south of Vietnam. We experienced different ways of how a certain dish is prepared and cooked.

Each town had its own interpretation. We loved and appreciated each region for its own unique, diverse ways.



How it all started

District was opened in 2012 after my frequent visiting trips back to motherland, Vietnam. I have a massive passion for cultural food, so I decided to explore different parts of Vietnam, starting from my home town Ca Mau through to Saigon. Fascinated by the culture, flavours & freshness in every dish, I later decided to bring those ideas back to Australia, incorporate the experiences, re invent it, mix it up & serve it on a plate.

Here at District we pride ourselves on the freshness of our dishes, the essence of organic herbs grown directly in my home garden, the warm family & friends atmosphere vibe. Its a place to gather, a place to wine & dine but definitely a place to enjoy.


Functions and bookings


Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday

7 days a week

11am - 10pm

(kitchen shuts 1 hour before close)


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Call us:
03 8015 8704

Group Reservations

Group reservations are available for 15+ guests for lunch or dinner. A set menu applies for all large group bookings of 15+ guests for Friday & Saturday dining.

The "Feed Me" Banquet which is consist of in season specials and an arrangement of most popular dishes will be served. This is to ensure that all dishes are presented at the same time.

The "Feed Me" Banquet includes a selection of entrees from different regions of Vietnam as well as a large feast of Mains cooked by our head chefs to share within in the group. Steam Rice, Fried Rice and Dessert is also included.

$45 pp
$20 pp (under 15yrs)

To accommodate and host an enjoyable event, a short meeting with one of our team members will be arranged to ensure a pleasant experience at District3429. With any event there is a $100 deposit, which will be deducted on the night of your reservation. Beverages are charged on consumption. For further information or bookings please contact us on 8015 8704